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If you live in BRIGHOUSE, HUDDERSFIELD or HALIFAX and would like to book driving lessons with Nicky's driving school then please click on contact me , however:

Before you can begin learning to drive on public roads in the United Kingdom:

  • you must be at least 17 years old; and
  • you must hold a valid, signed Provisional Driving Licence for Great Britain.

A provisional licence permits you to drive a car under the supervision of another driver who is at least 21 years old and who has held (and still holds) a full driving licence for at least three years. Any vehicle you drive must be fitted with “L” plates front and rear.

You may apply for a provisional licence up to three months before your seventeenth birthday, but it will not become valid until you turn seventeen. 

You may book lessons with me before you receive your provisional licence, but you must have it in your possession before you may take any practical lessons.

To apply for a provisional licence by post, you will need the application form D1, which you can obtain from Post Office branches. Alternatively, if you have a digital passport and you can pay by credit card, you can apply online.

Before you can take a practical driving test you must pass your theory test and you can starting studying for this at any time.

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